List of International Public and Private Schools in Qatar

Qatar Education

In Qatar you can find independent schools and many private international schools. The Qatar National vision for 2030 is to make the country a self-sufficient and sustainable economy with a highly developed human capital. Qatar government tries to achieve that through increased education opportunities for its people.

Independent Schools

These are controlled by two bodies: The Ministry of Education and the Supreme Education Council.

Lessons are given in Arabic, with English, Maths, Islamic Studies and Science, all compulsory subjects.

The Supreme Council is investing heavily in their teachers and have plans to switch to English lessons completely in the coming years.

Private Schools

The vast majority of Expatriate children are going to private schools. There are many private international schools in Qatar and your choice of school will depend on what curriculum you would like your child to follow and also depends on your budget.

Sometimes there is some confusion about the English and American school systems. Below a schedule to see the different terminologies used versus age.

Age English School Type English Key Stage English Year US School Type US Grade
4 Primary/ Infant School Reception x Elementary School Nursery
5 Primary/ Infant School KS 1 Year 1 Elementary School Kindergarten
6 Primary/ Infant School KS 1 Year 2 Elementary School 1st Grade
7 Primary/ Infant School KS 2 Year 3 Elementary School 2nd Grade
8 Primary/ Infant School KS 2 Year 4 Elementary School 3rd Grade
9 Primary/ Infant School KS 2 Year 5 Elementary School 4th Grade
10 Primary/ Infant School KS 2 Year 6 Elementary School 5th Grade
11 Secondary School KS 3 Year 7 Middle School 6th Grade
13 Secondary School KS 3 Year 8 Middle School 7th Grade
13-14 Secondary School KS 3 Year 9 Middle School 8th Grade
14-15 Secondary School KS 4 Year 10 High School 9th Grade/ Freshman
15-16 Secondary School KS 4 GCSE Year 11 High School 10th Grade/ Sophomore
16-17 6th Form/ College A Level/ IB Year 12 High School 11th Grade- Senior
17-18 6th Form/ College A Level/ IB Year 13 High School 12th Grade- Senior

List of Private schools in Qatar

Below a list of International private schools that Qatar Property Planet has put together for you, offering education from pre-school level to university entrance for boys and girls. In September most international schools begin their new academic year. It can be a challenge to find a space for your child in the school you prefer, best is to apply as early as possible and to register with as many schools as possible.

American School of Doha


Location : Al Bustan St, Doha, Qatar
Website :

The American School of Doha is an independent, U.S. accredited, college preparatory school, committed to providing educational excellence, through a standards based, internationally enriched American curriculum, serving a multicultural student body.

Offers Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School levels.

Misson: Offers Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School levels.

Doha English Speaking School


Location : Al Fajr St, Doha, Qatar
Website :

DESS is a dynamic learning community where the English National Curriculum provides a framework for learning. Through teamwork and cooperation between adults and children, we learn together through engagement in first hand experiences. Our children gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to continue their education internationally or to return seamlessly to the UK education system. Our results in the UK national tests for 11 year olds places us comfortably in the top 5% of UK Primary schools.

create a happy, secure, stimulating and supportive learning environment, to prepare future citizens, to deliver the National Curriculum for England in a relevant, meaningful and rigorous way, to offer not-for-profit education, to work in partnership with our community, to welcome innovation, to provide staff with the opportunities to enhance and develop professional skills

The Montessori Way Al Nabras


Location : West Bay, Doha, Qatar
Website :

Pre-School which provides Montessori education.

Our mission is to provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning in a safe environment which nurtures culturally literate children. At Al Nebras, we take this mission seriously and work to provide a high quality Montessori education in an environment which fosters a child's love of learning and a respect for self, others, community and the world. In addition to the extensive Montessori curriculum which is based on hands-on learning, we provide an educational environment which fosters all aspects of the child's development: academic, social, physical and emotional.

All children of any religion, race, color, national and ethnic origin will be accepted.

Doha British School


Location : Salwa Road South, Doha, Qatar
Website :

DBS is a vibrant, welcoming international school providing a first class education which will enable all of our pupils to thrive in an increasingly dynamic global environment. Our core purpose is to ensure that every pupil gains as much from DBS as possible. This is based on our fundamental belief that all learners can, need and want to achieve. Our school is dedicated to improving educational attainment and the life chances of pupils regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability or disability.

Primary, Secondary education, Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form) which encompasses year 12 and 13, both the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and AS Levels in Arabic, English Literature, Geography, Maths, Biology and PE.

To prepare all pupils through a relevant, challenging curriculum and well-resourced facilities, to become lifelong learners contributing to a global community.

MES Indian School Doha Qatar


Location : Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar
Website :

M.E.S, Indian School offers Pre-primary classes (Kindergarten 1&2), Junior Classes (1-5), Middle School Classes (6-8), Secondary Classes - CBSE (9-10), Senior Secondary Classes - CBSE (11-12)

To develop our students into more competitive ones whose performance could be compared with the best. This needs proper channelization of their energy. We can accomplish this task with the whole hearted co-operation of dedicated teachers, equally dedicated non-teaching staff, discerning parents and career conscious students supported by the visionary Management.

Middle East International School Doha Qatar


Location : Al Maadeed St, Doha 269, Qatar
Website :

MIS is a Pre K - 12, English medium language college preparatory school, that offers students from the international community and the State of Qatar an American curriculum based on the California standards. Particularly, in the core subject areas of math, science, social studies and English, leading to a high school diploma upon completion of Grades 9 -12 and 24 credit.

Our mission is learning at high levels while integrating technology seamlessly throughout our curriculum, and for preparing our students to be competitive in the international community. To achieve our mission we will provide a supportive environment and an exemplary educational program built upon a foundation of respect and high standards for achievement and effort.

Qatar Academy


Location : Garafat Al Rayyan and Dukhan Highway
Website :

Qatar Academy (QA) is one of the Middle East's premier educational institutions. QA is an International Baccalaureate World School also accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. The school offers academic excellence through Primary, Middle Year and IB Diploma programs based on the principle that education involves the development of a student's cognitive, physical, social, moral and affective capabilities.

Qatar Academy offers a rigorous program encompassing an international English-medium education, strong Arabic and Islamic Studies. The QA community supports and challenges students to be critical thinkers, and active and contributing members of society, through learning experiences serving the needs, interests and learning styles of each student.

Qatar International School


Location: United Nations St, Doha 5697, Qatar
Website :

The school is led and managed by British professionals and it strives to maintain the highest standards of the current British Education system, whilst also supporting its Arabic culture and international context. Children are taught in Key Stages from KS1 through to KS5 and examinations are taken in GCSE, IGCSE and A Levels using UK examination boards. The vast majority of students leaving QIS move on to Higher Education in leading universities all over the world but most especially the UK, USA, Canada, UAE and Qatar itself. The vast majority of teaching staff are UK trained and the school prides itself on ensuring it keeps up to date with the best international practice in education and learning.

Qatar International School - "Aspiring to Excellence; Building Futures; Celebrating Diversity." The ABC of Qatar International School is a motto that underpins all the work carried out at QIS that will lead us to becoming the best school in Qatar. Through high quality teaching and learning we will establish ourselves at the heart of our community locally, nationally and internationally.

Qatar ACS Doha International School


Location: Al Gharafa, Doha, Qatar
Website : http://www.acs/

ACS Doha is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In addition, we hold membership in the Council for International Schools (CIS), and the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA), as well as being licensed by the Supreme Education Council (SEC) in Qatar.

We Offer:

  • An Early Years Foundation (EYFS) program - ages 3 to 5
  • A Global/American Lower School program - ages 6 to 10
  • The IB Middle Years Program (IBMYP) - ages 11 to 15
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) - ages 16 to 18
  • A US High School Diploma - ages 16 to 18.

Teachers emphasize active learning, using a student-centered approach and a variety of assessment techniques. Although our program is challenging, we seek to provide support, including English as an Additional Language and Learning Support, to those who require it, ensuring that every child has the potential to be successful. Our goal is to equip our students to succeed at every age, attend the university of their choice anywhere in the world, and go on and live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Qatar - Finland International School


Location: Umm Salal Muhammed, Qatar
Website :

Qatar-Finland International School (Q.F.I. School) provides world-class education, based on Finnish education practices. Finnish education has repeatedly been reported one of the best in the world by many global studies.

Q.F.I. School is a primary school for girls and boys. The school will start with grades 0, 1 and 2 for children aged 5-7. During the academic year 2015-2016 the school expands to cover also grades 3-6. Teachers responsible for the Finnish curriculum are from Finland, all holding Master’s Degrees in education. The main language of instruction is English and language support will be provided for non-native English speakers especially in the early years. All students study Arabic language and the goal is to educate functionally bilingual students.

Providing high-quality teaching in Qatar through encouraging your child to take an active and responsible role as a learner.
Creating learning opportunities, which support all your child's educational needs as an individual, a member of the community, and a conscious global citizen.
Offering our young learners a motivational, inspiring, and secure environment with future technology and versatile learning materials enhancing academic achievement and creativity.
Modeling an exquisite combination of educational excellence and support of holistic well-being of our students, staff and parents.
Establishing a forerunner institution which serves key Qatari stakeholders committed to achieving educational excellence according to the Supreme Education Council (SEC) Outstanding Schools Program

Qatar University


Location: Al Tarfa, Doha 2713, Qatar
Website :

Qatar University is the national institution of higher education in Qatar. It provides high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare competent graduates, destined to shape the future of Qatar. The university community has diverse and committed faculty who teach and conduct research, which addresses relevant local and regional challenges, advances knowledge, and contributes actively to the needs and aspirations of society. They offer college in: Sharia and Islamic Studies, Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy.

Qatar University shall be a model national university in the region, recognized for high-quality education and research and for being a leader of economic and social development.

International school of London Qatar


Location: North Duhail, Umm salal Muhammed, Doha, Qatar
Website :

SL Qatar is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World school. The school is authorised to offer the Primary Years, Middle Years and the Diploma Programmes. These programmes are designed to fulfil the ISL Qatar's vision of combining intellectual rigour with the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.

At the International School of London, we believe in:Empowering students to maximise their learning opportunities and to fulfil their potential.
Actively integrating cultural diversity in the curriculum.
Creating inclusive, vibrant and innovative learning communities.
Offering a diverse and extensive international programme that supports personal, social and professional growth.

Qatar Doha The Phoenix Private school


Location: Al Maamoura, Doha, Qatar
Website :

The Phoenix Private School, is a warm and friendly school. Our ethos is "Achieving Together". A multi-cultural school with over 30 different Nationalities all striving to be the best they can.

Offers: EYFS, Primary KS1, Primary KS2, Preparatory KS3, SEN-Special Educational Needs, ELP-Enhanced Learning Programme, Read Write Programme and Mastering Mathematics Programme.

We aim to deliver outstanding education as a leading international school that encourages independence, empowers creativity and supports individuals through achieving together.

Qatar Doha College


Location: Primary school / West Bay Campus: Al Farouq Street, Doha Qatar
Website :

The curriculum at Doha College is a planned programme of courses based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales, which leads to GCSE and IGCSE examinations and also ASIA level or qualifications, which qualify students for entrance to universities throughout the world. In the 6th Form students follow AS/A Level or AVCE qualifications which qualify students for entrance to universities throughout the world. The transfer of students between the UK, or anywhere else, and Doha College, is straightforward.

Doha College provides an inspiring and challenging learning environment which develops confidence, creativity and intellect, in order to enable every student to make a valued contribution to our global society.

Compass International School Doha Qatar


Location: Salwa Road South, Doha, Qatar
Website :

As an International Islamic Academy, we are committed to our students and parents for academic excellence and integration of Islamic and Cultural beliefs. Our Academy staff have become part of a school vision which focuses on Character building in all that we say, write, and do every day. Along with your partnership, we will further advance a school of excellence for the development of all AMAG students.

Offers Primary and Secondary education.

The school is committed to provide high quality educational programs to raise a generation of continuous learners who are dedicated to the community and have high moral Islamic values and strong leadership skills.

Qatar Doha Park House English School


Location: Abu Hamour, Qatar
Website :


Key stage 1 and 2 (years 1-6): The school follows the National Curriculum for England in the teaching of English, Maths and Science. The International Primary Curriculum has been adopted to cover History, Geography, Music, Art, IT, PHSE and PE to provide children with a broader education. There are daily Arabic lessons for first language Arabic speakers from Year 1 to Year 6. Basic Arabic is provided for non-Arabic speakers from Reception to Year 4. Muslim children also have Quran lessons. French is taught to Years 5 & 6 with an emphasis on speaking and listening, in tune with I.G.C.S.E. requirements.

Key stage 3 and 4 (years 7-11): The Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) curriculum at Park House is a planned three-year programme based on the National Curriculum of England. It builds on the work covered in Key Stage 2 and prepares students for progression to Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) where IGCSE courses are followed in a wide range of subjects. In Years 12 and 13 students will work towards AS/A2 level. Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) All students work towards IGCSE examinations during Years 10 and 11 with most taking the examinations in Year 11. However, a small number of students may take Mathematics or I.T. earlier, they will then follow an extended programme of study in Year 11.

Sixth Form: The 'Sixth Form' at Park House aims to equip our young people with good study habits and the skills needed for the wider world. A brand new 'Sixth Form Centre' provides a designated space, which allows the Year 12 and 13 students an area to study and relax. AS Level examinations are offered in Year 12 with students usually taking four subjects. In Year 13 three subjects are studied for the A2 examinations.

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where students are motivated, challenged and enthusiastic about their learning; one where they take pride in their work, are proud of their school, and are able to achieve success and reach their full potential.

Qatar Doha Newton International School


Location: D Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar
Website :

All pupils follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales alongside the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP). This allows us to cover a comprehensive and well-rounded programme of studies that is tailored to our international students. The pupils also follow the recommendations from the SEC regarding Qatari History and this is incorporated in the Humanities topics. Muslim pupils have Islamic Studies. The pupils are also offered Arabic A for native speakers and Arabic B for non-native speakers. All pupils participate in additional subjects including P.E, Music and ICT.

Offers: Early Year Foundation Stage, KS1, KS2, Extra Curricular Activity.

We aim to provide the highest quality of education possible for students of all abilities. In doing so, we aim to positively encourage each student to achieve academic excellence, enjoy creative diversity, develop critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Qatar English Courses

British Council Qatar


Website :

Teaches English lessons for all levels and ages.

Direct English


Website :

Teaches English business lessons

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