Living in Qatar

Qatar is a small emirate nation on the northeastern coast of the Saudi Arabia Peninsula. It shares a border with the country of Saudi Arabia, and is surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Ruled as a monarchy, this country possesses a stable governmental structure and a fast growing economy. Large oil deposits have elevated its population to a high standing in the world in terms of personal wealth, and Qatar continues to draw entrepreneurs, established business people and investors to its sunny shores.

Qatar Doha City With a pivotal position in the Arabian Sea, Qatar has long played an important role in trade and in the defense of the Arab world. There are prehistoric remains found throughout the area that show that life here has been established for more than 2000 years. Trade routes with the ancient Tigris-Euphrates valley and Mesopotamia have been documented, and were responsible for introducing many new products and ideas to the Arabian Peninsula.

This part of the world was heavily influenced by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century and Qatar has been a Muslim nation since that time in history. British occupation during the 20th century has left a mark on the current population, reflected in the architecture and modern day culture of the land. Qatar finally put an end to foreign domination on September 3, 1971 when it declared its independence as a sovereign state.

Today Qatar is home to a thriving economy, a high standard of living and a rapidly growing skyline. Although the nation relies on oil and natural gas deposits for the vast majority of its wealth, the government has an eye to the future and is investing heavily in the creation of a more technology-based future for the country. The Qatar Science and Technology Park established in 2004 brings in techies from all over the world to benefit from the resources found there. Likewise, Education City, brings together a number of international colleges to create a forum for the sharing of ideas and disciplines. And lest you think that Qatar is just a land of technology nerds and oil geeks, the incredible Sports City complex will convince you of the nation's commitment to sporting excellence. This incredible facility which includes a stadium and a number of world class sporting forums is the key part of Qatar's quest to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The capital city of Doha is somewhat of an Emerald City with modern skyscrapers reflecting off the blue waters of the Gulf. Home to roughly 80% of the population, it is by far the largest and most important city in Qatar. The financial and governmental seats are located in Doha, as well as the University of Doha and almost every other integral institution. A truly international city, residents are made up of large populations of ex-patriots coming from all over the globe. The foreign residents are permitted to purchase land in very desirable parts of Doha, including West Bay Lagoon and the Qatar Pearl.

The newest and largest construction project currently underway in Qatar is the new Lusail City. This modern destination is located on the coast about 8 miles north of Doha. A luxury residential area, it will include marinas, entertainment venues, resorts and name brand shopping. Foreigners are permitted to purchase homes here, and the population is expected to eventually reach 200,000.

Qatar is not only a very attractive place for employment and investment opportunities, it is a very enjoyable place to live. Although the temperatures can be very hot, the peninsula is blessed with almost 365 days of sunshine and the country is well equipped to deal with the heat. In 2006, Qatar played host to the 15th Asian Games and invested over two billion dollars in sports facilities to house the events. These incredible, state of the art facilities remain to date and are now home to world class aquatics and tennis centers, to name a few. The ASPIRE academy housed in these facilities is a training center for world class athletes. Doha is home to a professional tennis tournament, motor boat racing, and motor cross racing. The actual list of world class events that this tiny nation hosts annually is staggering.
Qatar Doha City

Qatar is also home to a number of cultural venues and events, such as the Museum of Islamic Arts, the Doha Museum and the Souq Wakif. With this type of cultural, entertainment and sports infrastructure in place, it is simply not possible to be bored here. The fact that Qatar has no income tax and expanded social services, makes it an even more desirable place to buy and live.

Real estate options in Qatar mainly center around the Doha area and include a great assortment of living arrangements. By far, the most attractive property options are high-rise apartments that offer an unbelievable array of amenities and services. Not only do most sport staggering views of the gulf waters, but many offer butler/maid services, state of the art gyms and swimming pools. Outside of the capital city, lovely villas are offered with Mediterranean style architecture, modern kitchens and swimming pools.

This tiny nation packs a big punch when it comes to quality of living. With modern facilities, one of the highest standards of living in the world, days filled with sunshine and new and exciting things on tap, its no wonder that everyone in Qatar seems so very happy.

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