Qatar - The Pearl of The Persian Gulf

Qatar The Pearl Residential Area

The economy of Qatar has depended on oil since its discovery in 1940. Before then, the country was dependent on trade, fishing, and pearl diving. Oil came to Qatar just after the Japanese began culturing pearls, greatly depressing the pearl industry of Qatar. While the Qataris appreciated their new found wealth, they remembered the old days of pearl diving. In 2004, a new community called The Pearl was announced, which honored that historic way of life.

In this case, new community really means new. There was not even any land at the site where the community would be built. The developer, United Development Company, reclaimed 400 hectares from the Arabian Gulf to create a new high-end mixed use community. Development has continued at a steady controlled place and now boasts hotels, any food imaginable, and world class shopping. When completed, the community will total nearly 19,000 homes for rent or sale. All of this is a short drive across a modern causeway from the global metropolis of Doha. Visit or live, this community has something for everyone.

The Communities

When The Pearl was developed, the architects recognized that a vibrant community needs different niches and created twelve unique neighborhoods. These communities represent not only different real estate price points, but different lifestyles and neighborhood sensibilities. From luxury apartments to bespoke villas, rent or sale, the districts of this community have a fit for everyone.

Where to Stay

Visitors have two first rate hotels to choose from. The Marsa Malaz, a Kempinski hotel, offers seven levels of rooms and suites to fit a variety of needs. With over a dozen restaurants, cafes, and lounges, this hotel has chocked up numerous well deserved culinary awards, demonstrating its continued commitment to excellence. This hotel can serve as either retreat with it luxurious spa, water sports, and tennis facilities or as a locale for serious business with complete conference and event services.

The Retaj Inn Marina Residence is suitable for short and long term stays. The hotel-apartments range from one to three bedrooms. Complete on site amenities make this a perfect base when shopping for your villa or apartment home on The Pearl.

Shopping and Dining

High-end shopping is synonymous with The Pearl. The main shopping area is in Porto Arabia. Luxury goods from chocolates to automobiles are available. Renowned luxury brands include Hermes, Chloe, and Rolls-Royce. Pharmacies, grocery stores, and all necessities of life are also available so it is never necessary to leave the island.

Restaurants in The Pearl run the gamut. While formal high-end dining experiences are available, interesting more casual cafes are available too. A recent addition is a small coffee kiosk that serves artisanal flat white coffee, a new specialty in coffee. It's a perfect example of the delights and surprises at every corner.


The property managers recognizes that a vibrant community needs more than beautiful villas and comfortable apartments, and they have provided it. Regularly schedule performances and celebrations are held in the community. Many are focused on kids. Family is the focus, and the available activities reflect it; boating, cinemas, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. It's all designed for the entire family.

Real Estate - Apartments and Villas

In addition to providing a comfortable lifestyle, real estate in this market has proven to be a solid investment. While the price pressure on natural gas has been challenging for Qatar, the impact has been lessened by the diversification of the nation's economy. The track record of price performance, even through the down turn, has been steady appreciation for apartments and villas. This real estate market generally operates at a just right pace. A fair number of properties can normally be found for rent or sale but not so few that price rises become over heated.

The two ends of the real estate market can illustrate the range of possibilities. The least expensive apartments are in the Porto Arabia district. A studio apartment can start at a sale price of $550,000. A steady supply of units for rent, starting at $2200 per month, is also available. This district is the closest to shore and is the center of commercial and retail activity in the community. The cityscape is dominated by high rises and townhouses. Plentiful walkways are provided, which wind through shopping district and along the water.

At the high end, is Isola Dana, a series of nine private island connected by causeways. The 1.8 hectare plots feature private beaches and harbors and enough room to build any residence that can be imagined. At this time five have been developed. Prices aren't available, but as the saying goes, if you have to ask...


A well-built trouble free home is a comfort. So is having the amenities to exercise or walk with friends and family. So is sitting on the balcony in the Gulf breeze at the sun in a brilliant blue sky. Comfort is a word that is about more than just material things. It is about a sense of community and enjoying that community. The Pearl was a massive undertaking, but the goal was always more than just the physical. On these developed islands, the threads of a good life have been tied together in a way that has produced complete comfort.

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